Thank You For Applying for a Spot in My Thread

Dear Agenda-Carrying Radical.

Thank you for applying for a spot in my thread to park your agenda. I currently have no room available for your opinion of the week. All slots have been fully booked for people who want to stay on topic. You will need to find another journal to put your soapbox. May I suggest a handy little feature called

Your Own Fetlife Journal.

You didn’t know about it? Dayamn. It’s a pretty great feature. I use it all the time.

What’s that? This is not my personal journal so you can dis me however you like? Well, jeez. I had no idea. Sorry about that. In that case, please go ahead and type out your agenda in my thread.

You’re back again? What now? Oh, right, yes, I deleted your comment. Why? Because this is not your personal journal so I can dis you however I like. It just so happens that I decided to use the ‘delete’ button to do so.

Thanks for reapplying for a spot in my journal to park your agenda. I’m not currently renting out room for off-topic comments. What did you say? This is not my personal journal? Shit. I forgot about that. Sorry.

Back again? Yep, you’re right. Your third comment appears to have disappeared from the thread as well. Why? Well, it obviously couldn’t have been me who deleted it because this is not my personal journal.

Hugs and kisses
The person to whom this journal does not belong.




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