The Most Peaceful Year in Fetlife History

2015 Was the most peaceful year in Fetlife history. We agreed with one another about almost everything. We found out that all good girls swallow… I mean don’t swallow. I mean do. Not.

Okay, so the only thing we learned about swallowing in 2015 is that Fetlife really gives a fuck about whether or not we do it but, just like me, it can’t make up its mind about what it wants.

It was also the year I found true love. Oh, wait. Let’s not talk about that either. There must be something about 2015 that isn’t contentious. I know! How about that thing with The_Wolf? Uh.

Well, what we know about 2015 is that you should never, ever, ever piss off an SJW.

But truly, for most of 2015, Fetlife had no problems whatsoever. We peacefully discussed fatness on a mere seven different occasions, 100 million times (each), which was apparently an improvement on 2014, proving that we do, indeed, make progress when it comes to Fetlife arguments.


Only four million Fetlife members had their photos taken by an erotic photographer, and only one million of them were accused of being too fa… ntastic for words. Sorry.

This post is definitely going to be the least touchy one I’ve written all year. Just as well only 30 days have passed since it started or I might have begun a site-wide conversation about how much I suck at giving blowjobs. That happened in 2015, too, but only men who had never received a SpanishRed blowjob actually said anything negative about my prowess, so personally, I wouldn’t pay that rumour any mind. I am, however, looking for a willing subject to practice on. Jussaying.

Basically, Fetlife members agreed with one another about just about everything last year. Master_James wasn’t even all that argumentative, only starting about five hundred debates. He did lose all of them, though. Okay, I see some of you disagree with me there so moving on…

One thing Fetlife did not argue about was whether or not we should all have kinky sex.


Asexuals at the back, please put your hands down.


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