Reviews of Fetlebrity Journals


A man adopts a brat and then conducts an entire relationship with her via telephone. There are cocks in this album, although I suspect Photoshop involvement. Porn is nonetheless present, and that is the only honest way to show appreciation for all the time I spent reading the smut posts that didn’t have compliKated in them.

Four stars


A woman yada yada telephone yada yada big cock. The only smut in this album is of compliKated’s ass. It is, however, a mighty fine ass, and I do not suspect Photoshop involvement.

Five stars for cK’s ass, one star for the bow at the back of the black knickers.



Exactly like “Waiting for Godot” if Godot was a cock shot.

Apparently the stars are being delivered by Godot.


There is porn in this album. This is an excellent album. There is a fuckton of porn. I didn’t have time to read the journal, but my friend, Mavis, tells me I didn’t miss anything.

Five stars


A Master takes ownership of half of Fetlife’s subs, which means there are none left over for me. I therefore do not care that there is porn in this album.

No stars


One man stars in one million and seventy twelve women’s photographs, but no gay men’s. I’m willing to overlook this heteronormativity if he agrees to show us at least one photograph of a blowjob. I read the journal and can confirm that there is writing in it.

One million and seventy twelve stars in the event of a blowjob photo being posted.


A gifted man collects more women than Master_James, DE, and The_Wolf combined and then puts them to sensible use. He somehow manages to film no porn in the process. That isn’t generous at all. Master_James is far nicer. Porn is empirically important. I’m beginning to suspect I should give James more stars. Suddenly I appreciate him a whole lot more than I did a second ago.

No stars

Inspired by “Ayn Rand Reviews Children’s Movies


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