Brand Submissive

The Submissive™ is a comfortable and durable item made from the fibers of the Sexy as Fuck™plant. Taking care of The Submissive™ is easy! Moreover, it grows sluttier and better at deepthroating with age. Team BDSM has faced some myths about the difficulties of taking care of The Submissive™, so we have decided to write an article that clarifies its care instructions.

The most common mistake is the belief that The Submissive™ is only suitable for fucking while wet. It is not so! The Submissive™ is known to be a product that has been used dry for some thousands of years. This means that it’s been around long before lube existed and has been successfully fucked while dry by doms in the mood for a slightly different sensation for equally long. The Submissive™ is much softer than The Brat™, and there are a few ways to make sure you keep yours for longer than Twue Dom fuckwits can.


As with many products, the main rule is to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Whatever maintenance methods you use, first try The Submissive™ out in a public play space where it will feel safer. The Submissive™ is almost always better off with toys that are sparkly or acquired from the hardware store. Anything in between is kitsch, and nothing wears it down faster than lack of taste and atmosphere. Feel free to use machine-based care such as dildos and violet wands when your arms and cock are tired. Team BDSM understands that not all doms are made alike, and some need more help than others.

When detached from rigging, The Submissive™ can be placed in a dark place. Use warm temperatures and remove from rope while slightly damp as over drying can make it bored. Treat it with Team BDSM’s special product, Plenty of Kisses™ until it’s completely dry. Hugs™ is our most expensive care range but is not really a priority unless The Submissive™ is completely crushed. Still, if you prefer Hugs™, it would be a good idea to use them only before your product is entirely dry, because afterwards it tends to want to get up and eat ice cream.

The Submissive™ has many positive properties that make it popular among doms of various ages and social statuses. It copes with anal well, is easier to punish than The Brat™, and will gradually reduce its hard limits with rigorous care. Before flogging, make sure your submissive is one of Team BDSM’s Masochist brands. While it is common to dry some products on lines using clothing pegs, The Submissive™ should be suspended and pegged only during play.

Store The Submissive™ in a cosy place–avoid cardboard boxes. Despite its preference for storage in a bed, The Submissive™ is sometimes happy in a cage. According to Cambridge University studies, submissive do not develop brattishness with repeated use. Microscopic cross-sectional views of The Submissive™ show that its love conductivity is five times, and its whorishness quotient 19 times, that of than vanilla. Our Daddy Dom clients are encouraged to try our newly released Baby Girl™ brand.

With regards to long-term use of The Submissive™, one of the most common remarks we receive is that domly users feel more charged and energetic after only three months. They feel more secure and refreshed after one year of usage, and all our users report a higher quality of life after two years of ownership. For this reason, The Submissive™ is becoming popular among those who don’t belong to Team BDSM, particularly those who’ve read our advertising pamphlet, 50 Shades of Grey. ®


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