It’s Just the Internet

Don’t take Fetlife seriously. It’s just the internet. All the friends you make here are made from pixels. It’s true. Just the other day, I had a Fetlife member over for dinner, and she didn’t really say that my alfredo was phenomenal because I met her here, and on this site, we’re all made out of ones and zeros. Ever try cooking for a zero? Exactly.

I know, I know, I’ve been to quite a few of the kink events that were advertised on this site. I even thought I had fun and made friends there, but then I remembered that it’s just the internet, so all the people I met at those parties weren’t real, like the people I’ve met at vanilla events are. Everything that happens via Fet is imaginary.

On Saturday, the man who kept me sane through the hardest day of my year came to town, but it’s just the internet, so I ignored his text. The happiness he left me with isn’t real because it came from someone on Fetlife, and Fetlife isn’t real, doncha know?

(Continued below) 


Dogpiles and the trolling of minority groups on this site are meaningless, too, because typed words don’t have the same power over people that spoken ones do. A few adults commit suicide every year from cyberstalking, and cyberbullying victims are twice as likely to kill themselves as real world bullying victims are. I wish they knew that it was just the internet and they could just log off—nobody needs email and online banking. Don’t be an idiot. Let the cyber trolls control where you travel online because it’s just the internet. You don’t deserve freedom here.

I once got an email from someone who told me she’d put herself into treatment instead of keeping her plan to commit suicide that night after having read a Fetlife post. Don’t worry. I knew it wasn’t a big deal because obviously her therapist must have been as pixelated as her message was. Everything around here is made out of code, and so am I. I’m not a real person, and nor are you because we’re online. We’re nothing more than a fantasy.


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