Please Don’t Take my Subspace Away

To my knowledge, there is no universal agreement about what subspace really is. I’m no neuroscientist, but I imagine it can mean five different things to five different people. It could be a reaction to pain. It could be a reaction to degradation. It could be a hundred different chemical blends unique to a hundred different people.

For me, subspace is like being perched on the edge of an orgasm. It gives me a feeling that’s akin to those first seconds of climax, which I get to float around in for what seems like infinity. I’m buried in a thick cloud of sex. It’s utterly sublime.

I once had a dom who used to wrench me out of my stupor. He would force me to sit up and talk until I could use full sentences even though we’d finished playing. He’d call me back to reality as many times as it took to shatter my utopia. Being pushed out of it felt like being transferred from a hot tub to an icy cold swimming pool on a cold day. He did it because he wanted to be sure I was okay. That makes sense, but taking away something that transcendent is a minor tragedy. If you could have an hour-long orgasm that wasn’t quite intense enough to exhaust you, how willingly would you give it away?

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I’ve come across a couple of men who were kind enough to hold me and shut the hell up until I came out of it. They saw subspace as the grandest of compliments, but they were baffled by it anyway. I understand why that is. I would be the same in those shoes.

Dear domly doms of my past, present, and future: I get that you’ve cum and have now returned to planet ‘normal’, but if I’m in subspace, we’re still fucking. I know it’s not the easiest thing to understand, but please don’t take my cloud away. I swear you don’t have to put any effort into this one. I’ll do just fine swimming around in the backwash if you let me. I only experience subspace when my senses are utterly assaulted with pleasure so you obviously did something spectacular. If I were you, I’d pass that time gloating. Use it, don’t use it, but that’s what I’d do because I’m not averse to a bit of ego <ahem> management.

Subspace gives me an hour to fly around the edges of the kind of sexual bliss that only the world’s best drug could mimic. I don’t want anything to be said or done because that just pulls me back to reality. I have more than enough of that in my life, so please don’t take my subspace away.


One thought on “Please Don’t Take my Subspace Away

  1. There’s nothing worse than being pulled out of that space, and when it has happened in the past it was with inexperienced players. It’s actally one of the most bonding parts of play, the aftercare.

    Boo hiss on space-interruptus. It sends me to a bad and misunderstood place ruining the whole previous interaction.

    I second your motion.


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