The Power of Our Stories

I live in a country that has divisiveness sewn into its very fabric. Only 20 years have passed since apartheid broke us, and today, instead of the exquisite beauty of our landscape, we still see only skin colour. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever recover.

WordPress is the opposite of my home country. Here, we tell the stories of our lives freely, and that glues us together in a way we rarely acknowledge. There’s nothing new under the sun, or so some freaky book once said. Twice last year, I wrote posts that were sheer genius </hyperbole> only to get to my feed and find someone had covered the same themes hours before. Hell, I even wrote an almost identical title to what someone had posted a few days before. Richard Dawkins mutter mutter memes mutter cough. Our stories intersect in miraculous ways, and I believe that’s why there is so little division here.

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I put out a post a day. Why the hell would anyone want to do that? Shouldn’t they be watching movies and giving their doms spankings instead? For me, it’s become about connection. I’m here for the relationships. I’m here to make coffee date plans and go to parties, to learn from you, to meet you wherever you are, even if there are two oceans between us. I’m also here for the narrative therapy we inadvertently participate in every day.

You are the people who’ve carried me through buckets of breakup tears, death, illness, and one crazy stalker. Sometimes I wondered if I’d ever recover, but then, I had no idea how much love, wisdom, and support I would receive from you.

There is no replacement for face time, but here, people tell the scariest truths about their experiences. Part of the reason this site has value for me is that we are all here day after day, assigning value and lessons to the stories of our lives.

Our posts matter. They matter to us because they help us to extract the greatest lessons of our lives. They melt away division. I have never written a thing that ended up being unique to me. I’ve learned well enough through this site that I’m not that weird, and that I’m even lovable in all my fucked up oddness. Through this site, the secrets in my head became public, and so did yours. Acceptance is a powerful thing, especially when you’re the type who judges yourself heavily.

I live in one of the most divided countries in the world, but one of the most unified communities


One thought on “The Power of Our Stories

  1. There is that old saying when you think your world is collapsing, ‘there is always someone worse off than you are’ and an alternate is also true as crazy and mixed up as we think we are there is always others who are worse then us. Your words in this posting ring true because when you cut through the myriad of postings about fashion, food and how to make a better blog you find people like yourself and I just expressing how we feel and think. Thank you for reinforcing my belief in the humanity of this ‘community’.


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