The Problem Is Not Bathrooms

Picture this: A gorgeous woman in a dress so sexy and revealing it spells “instant hard on” walks into the men’s bathroom while you’re standing in a compromising position at the urinal. Before you ask, yep, she’s straight, so it might be a bit hard for her to divert her eyes from the equipment you’re so proudly displaying. She’s trying to be polite, but her eyes land right there for a fraction of a second.

How do you feel?

Oh, and by the way, she’s transgender.

I ask this question because one part of the trans debate that hasn’t been given much attention is, “What will happen in men’s restrooms if the bathroom bill gets passed?” Odds are pretty good that you’ve never been in the above situation given that only 0.3% of your population is transgender, but consider the scenario anyway.

I ask because, if you support the bill, I’m guessing that you don’t really want to keep transgender women out of women’s restrooms. You actually want to keep them out of men’s and women’s restrooms… and restaurants, coffee shops, parks, or any public area. Kinda like this:

Am I right?

The problem is not trans women using women’s restrooms. The problem is you would like to remove a minority group from any place your eyes land. I have a reason for thinking that, and it’s called “evidence.”

See, quite a few places have passed LGBT Non-Discriminatory Protections, and this is the number of times transgender women and male predators pretending to be women have abused kids or sexually assaulted women in those bathrooms:

  • Atlantic Beach: Big Fat Zero
  • Broward County: Big Fat Zero
  • Dunedin: Big Fat Zero
  • Gulfport: Big Fat Zero
  • Gainesville: Big Fat Zero
  • Miami-Dade County: Zero
  • Monroe County: Zero
  • Orange County: Zero
  • Orlando: Zero
  • Palm Beach County: Zero

In apartheid South Africa, people of colour were barred from white areas because they were considered dangerous and inferior. The state and those who supported it, and not people of colour, were the predators in that story.

How are you different?


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