The Weirdest Sub

Some breeds are just about extinct in the kink community, and I belong to all of them. I’m heterosexual (gasp), monogamous (facepalm), and the type of sub who doesn’t dole out kinks as though from a fetish factory. If you want to know what I’m into, take a good, long swim in your fantasies. You’ll find it all there because my kink is submission, and if I decide what we get up to in a scene, I lose the entire ever-loving point of D/s for me, so please read my limits, and then go crazy.

Some dominants don’t like that. It takes too much effort to hunt through a sub’s brain and lift out what she’s best used for. Some D-types want their subs to come with a ready-built list of kinks, as though power exchange is a menu you can order from in a restaurant. That’s not the type of sub I am.

(Continued below)


I’m high maintenance. I want relationships to start with two blank slates and evolve into a breathing organism made from the way two individuals respond to one another. Yep. I want true love, too.

I’m always watching the kink community around me delve into the darkest, most depraved scenes. Slaves are sold, orgies are had, and I stay at home waiting for the next munch to come up. For a slut, I’m amazingly pious. I won’t be taking my clothes off in front of a top who bought me at an auction anytime soon, although I wouldn’t mind getting up to that kind of thing in my dreams. Who was it who said you can’t beat the denial of the foresworn slut? It’s true, and I think I’ll be enjoying my particular brand of denial for quite some time.

I’m not only monogamous, but I have a distaste for casual sex, too. And I’m one of Kinsey’s rarest types: 100% heterosexual. The kink community has few such people, but we do exist, I swear.

It’s not my fault I’m so damn difficult. My first dominant was a unicorn, so he spoiled me for everyone.

And I’m okay with that because I’ve been spoiled, because I’ve already experienced the best of what this world of kink has to offer, and because I know that the possibilities are precious enough to wait for.


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