Through the looking glass

Dancing the Path

down the path

For the past week I have been compiling and writing out my current list of Rules/Protocols/Chores/Tasks; in short, my Submission on paper. I have looked at every aspect of Our marriage, Our connection as Dom/sub and tried my hardest to write out every detail that I can think of. My reasoning behind this is because We have grown so much over the summer, Our personal lives have changed so much that my Submission needs to change along with it and it was a really great idea, until I started to over thinking things…

I’m not saying that I’m unhappy as a sub, that isn’t it, what has me in such a weird tail spin is the amount of structure that I need in order to feel at peace, to feel loved and appreciated. Wasn’t this easier before? Wasn’t being a wife so much simpler than all of this? The answer…

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