Being a Dominant is Easy

If I was a dominant, there’s no way I’d be able to ride the microscopic cusp between selfishness and selflessness that so many subs crave. We rightfully ask for both, and fucked if I’d be able to deliver such conflicting states of mind. The problem is that, in my eyes, a sexy dominant is one who can achieve both, and as impossible as that would be for me, I still want it from my partner.

I love a selfish dom. I adore a man who knows what he wants and takes it without caring about what I want, but at the same time, I also know what happens when a dominant makes himself the priority in all areas of your shared life. When your health, work, and relationship needs aren’t considered by you or your dominant, disintegration and chaos are only a second away.

But dammit, if you don’t fuck me like you mean it, you’re not my kind of dom. The sexiest trait in the history of BDSM According to Me is the ability to take. But also not take too much. Or too often. But also give. But not too much. And also have ethics… but drop those ethics every so often—only the right ones, mind you. Don’t get this one wrong. Some ethics are meant to be permanent. Be wildly sadistic, but caring. Don’t give a fuck about me, but only sometimes. What I want isn’t that hard to deliver. Be selfish and selfless simultaneously. Is that so much to ask for? <snicker>

I feel sorry for my next dominant. I really do. I feel sorry for everyone else’s dominants, too. Your role is so much more complicated than mine. All I need to do is deliver great blowjobs and do what I’m told. You D-types? You virtually need a doctorate and an absurd sense of balance to find your centre. It would be enough to scare me away from kink for life.



One thought on “Being a Dominant is Easy

  1. Oh, but you don’t understand….. A Dom gets off on watch you get off. So while you might be tied and squirming with pleasure, the Dom is squirming within as well, enjoying the show. It’s sort of voyeuristic in a way. To be in sexual control of another is intensely intoxicating. It is complicated. Planning is a must. Failures will happen. So what? Try again. That’s life. But its worth it because the rewards are intense, pleasurable, and open the doors to a deep intimacy that is difficult to achieve in any other way.


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