A Fetlife History in Two Years

When I first got to Fetlife, I never called myself an SJW. I never infuriated the guy who is now one of my closest friends for an entire week in his thread. I also never tried having a cogent debate with Domi. Not me. Nope. </lie>

Let’s just forget my first two months ever happened.

I started writing posts mocking the K&P crowd almost as soon as I joined the site. Obviously, I was way too cool to ever land up in the top 10, so what could possibly go wrong? In those days I had a blanket policy of being suspicious of Fetlebrities. I refused to friend most of them on principle alone. Then my first post went K&P. Well, shit.

“Don’t worry. It won’t happen again,” I told myself.

We all know how that ended, so I was forced to stop mocking K&P. Well, most of the time, anyway. A girl can’t be perfect.

I met compliKated and Solo, The_Wolf_ and Scarlett, and… well… just because many of our Fetlebrities are stellar human beings, doesn’t mean I can’t rag them every now and again.

(Continued below) 


Fetlife has introduced me to enough spectacular people to populate a small village. From the ones who show up at my door with Nutella and the biggest hugs to the ones who send their love through the internet, I don’t go a day without feeling treasured. I’m at a loss as to what I did to earn the friends I have, but there they are. From play parties to poker nights, munches to long conversations over excessive amounts of coffee, I’ve developed an affection for the kink community that I never dreamed I would.

I also have a full toy shelf now. I’m not going to say that’s an unhappy side effect.

I’ve had some crap times. The internet is not always drama-free, and nor are kink relationships. I came out the other side of far too much awfulness, not because of my own strength, but because of the amazing human beings who supported me in a way that I had never before experienced.

And people say “it’s just the internet.”

Because of Fetlife, I also developed the discipline to write daily. All those loves and comments (and lack of loves and comments) were like writer’s university. I learned how to write confidently, and, depending on who you ask, my writing flourished or died a ghastly death. Either way, I earn three times what I did when I arrived because of this site, and I even got paid for my first kink writing gig a month ago. Help comes from the strangest of places. Who’d have thought a fetish website would affect my income?

And people say “it’s just the internet.”

Those days when Fetlife is so full of drama that I come out the other side of my morning reading needing a second shower, I must always come back to this: The kink community is precious. I’m a part of two other communities, and this one is approximately seventy-gazillion times more spectacular. You have become my people.

And I adore my people.


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