Marks of a pretend victim versus a true victim

A Cry For Justice

Abusers usually portray themselves as victims, as most of our readers as well aware.  Are there any distinguishing marks of a pretend victim as opposed to a true victim of domestic abuse?

I began thinking about this because of a comment that one of our readers, Nyssa, made in another post.  Here’s what she said:

In my own writings about the abuse I’ve experienced from friends and from ex’s, I go into a lot of detail, get angry, and do a lot of research into such things as abuse and personality disorders. … I don’t normally mention Personality Disorders when talking to most people. But when I write about abusive experiences in memoir, I pour everything in, all the details I can think of, along with trying to figure out what drives a person to act like that, quotes from my research which describe common abusive behaviors, to help…

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