All the Things I Hate About Smut Written into a Piece of Smut

His sadistic, throbbing, pussy-loving tongue slowly, throbbingly circles her clit which pulses sensually like a snake in a pool of hyacinths—a sensual snake that’s sadistic, obviously. He tortures her







Her lips tremble like an epileptic in a brown snakey mud pit, and he smiles (sadistically again, obviously).

(Continued below)


“Open wide, my little peach,” he murmurs in a murmuring, gruff murmur that sounds like stars floating


through a galaxy of passion; throbbing passion.

His fervent fingers are tangled in her flowing hair.

She sighs, “Je te deteste, papa!’
“Niña mala,” he barks.
“Que!” she nods, for she forgot that French was sexier than Spanish, but not that ‘for’ was sexier than ‘because’.

Her soaked rose petal lips are so wet, just absolutely drenched like a sea cucumber on a stormy Monday morning in Spring at sunset just before dinner, maybe at about 18:00.

But then he screams, “Your pussy isn’t throbbing like a pussy should. The smut I read this morning says all pussies throb and yours is only drenched. Gimme more passion. More fervency. More ardent throbbing.”

She’s a good girl, so she gives it another go, trying desperately to get those lips to throb like a line in the most inventive erotica that ever was. Throb, pussy. Throb! But alas! No fucking cigar.

So he spanks her round grape-like ass, which quivers like a baseball in his drenched mouth with each lick and sensual sadistic suck. And at last she begins to feel her pussy lips, which look almost exactly like the lips of a pussy, begin to throb!

“Good girl!” he says, and slides his throbbing cock into her soaking pussy which is also throbbing with enough passion to start a Fetlife K&P war! She squeals like the little slut she is so he rewards her by fucking her hard like a fervent lobster frolicking in the ocean.

She shouts (sensually, but not sadistically) “II!!!??!!!!!!!” and he, being the most intelligent master in Texas, understands every word, for he is gentle and sensual and sadistic. In fact, he knows adjectives that the Oxford Dictionary has never even heard of. Adjectives like “!!!” and “?????” and “*%&#$!!!”

So he traces the shape of all those throbbing adjectives over her clit because he is extremely flexible and therefore capable of fucking her and licking her simultaneously, and while he’s doing that, he wonders if he’s made enough spelling mistakes in the smut he’s writing on her skin with his soaking, throbbing tongue. “Just stop right there, baby, for I forgot to add syntax errors to my clit licking.”

“Anything for you, daddy,” she says passionately, sensually, throbbingly like a roach in a basket of eggs.

He goes all the way back to the beginning of The Dictionary of Smut Adjectives, adding just enough errors to make her…




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