My Sexuality Lives in the Mud, Not at the End of a Rainbow

I love pretty rope, but the only bondage that I appreciate is the unnecessary. I’ve been tied up by tops who had no power over me, and I’ve been tied up by a dominant who had so much power that he pushed it to absurdity. The one who didn’t need rope to control me was the only one who made it hot. He used it as an accessory for his filthy imagination, which didn’t hurt his cause either.

I value a depraved mind over any of the exquisite things the tops in our community are capable of. There’s so much beauty and talent to see in the kink world, but if I had to choose one trait over any other, it’d be debauchery. Nothing is sexier to me than a dominant who has the imagination and curiosity to bring all his depravity to life. Rope is a tool that can achieve that, but dominants who are disinhibited enough to roll around in their own grimy brains can use any old tool—or none at all.

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Practised talents give me an artistic thrill, but my sexuality lives in the mud, not at the end of a rainbow. I appreciate perversion, which isn’t at its peak until it’s exercised creatively. When I’m considering a relationship, I’m actively looking for an imagination and a willingness to cast away all the bondage that society places on sexuality. In other words, I’m looking for a man who has untied the ropes that constrain his mind.

A man like that approaches kink with a kind of glee that’s a special snowflake all on its own. A man like that has a special glint in his eye that can’t be faked. A man like that… oh… a man like that gets *all* my obsession.

A man like that once buried me in sex 16 hours a day every damned day for months on end. He didn’t need to be there to make me mad with lust, and that was where his power came from. He saw no reason to keep himself or his sexuality in bondage. With him, sex went like this: He wanted something. He got it. It was that simple. He didn’t waste time judging his desires.

I’ve met very few men who have let their sexuality go free in all its authenticity and who have the curiosity to explore it, so you could say I’m looking for a unicorn. I have to because I like my kink to come with an extra dose of magic and a whole truckload of dirt.



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