Profile of a Fetlife Twue Sub


orientation: whatever you want me to be

active: 29 hours a day 9 days a week

About me

i’m fetlife’s only twue sub. I studied The Art of Submission and S/slashy S/speak through my internet Master, TwueDominate69 (long may he live and prosper). Master <genuflect> taught me how to stay alive in the pit with the lotion while kneeling, deep throating and serving him perfectly brewed tea simultaneously. He is my one true love, and i have faith that he will one day take pleasure in my beautifully moisturised skin.

like all twue subs, I was born without the means to eventually grow pubic hair and can recite the first three chapters of 50 Shades of Grey from memory while vomiting and being penetrated by 10 cocks. my greatest ambition is to learn how to stop ms word from automatically turn my text into capital letters, but only if microsoft wants me to, obviously <genuflect>.


i learned the art of worthlessness at the maya devi temple under Master Buttsu Zenji, who taught me to cry over my inability to submit completely while simultaneously submitting completely. as Sir always says, a twue sub is one who believes the worst about herself while simultaneously bowing in crotchless underwear and having her limbs sawn off.

in addition to my drooling talents and inability to use safe words, i’ve completed the following online sub training courses:

  • just when you thought you didn’t have to capitalise C/common N/nouns.
  • Psychic obedience: keeping your Master <genuflect> happier by reading his mind.
  • how to get tax credits for donating all your money and worldly goods to your Sir.
  • how to be spanked without swearing.
  • no limits, The Hannibal Lector Way.

i’ve also taken the initiative of training myself to cum every time i hear the word ‘ten’.

i have strong beliefs about kink, all of which Sir <long may he live> has told me to have. no twue sub has value if she is a man. bdsm is heteronormative for a reason, and if you’ve been practicing kink without my Sir’s permission, you deserve to be thrown into the pit without the lotion.

i was born with an ass that bruises on command. my genes were formed in the womb to turn me into everything TwueDominate69 wants me to be, and if you didn’t do the same, you’re a fake.

p.s. <genuflect>


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