Your Last Victim

(Open Letter to the Abusive Ones)

If you laid all the trauma you’ve caused your victims end to end, it would make up more years than there will be in your lifetime, but thinking that makes you the ultimate victor is flawed logic: as individuals, your victims recover. We move beyond you. We heal. We find love. We immerse ourselves in an exquisite life. You will never have that luxury because you will carry yourself and your hatred around with you for the rest of your days. When you wake up, there it will be. When you go to sleep, there it will be. You will keep on suffering the consequences of your abuse because taking an honest look at yourself seems too damned hard.

(Continued below) 


Have you ever noticed how your life always seems to be an uphill climb? How you’re always running into such godawful “luck”? How it all turns to ash in the end? You’ve attracted criminal charges, been repeatedly fired, watched every relationship go up in the black smog of your own hatred, lost your home, lost your family, lost a grasp on your own reality. That’s not luck. It’s the consequence of an unprincipled life, which you will be stuck with long after your victims find enough love and intimacy to heal from your destruction.

The last injury will be yours. As long as you hold onto your sick ethics, you will never have a rich life. As always, you will keep on racking up that crappy “luck” because you will continuously have to build new foundations to replace the ones you’ve shattered. You will always be climbing that staircase, and in the end, you will find yourself alone, lonelier than any of your survivors were when we were still your victims.

Karma has nothing to do with mysticism or magic. Consequences are the natural order of things. Without remorse or the capacity to be honest with yourself, karma will keep throwing penalty after penalty at you, and you will keep on blaming others for that. That’s why everything you touch turns to smoke: you can’t change without acknowledging your toxicity.

As for us, the ones you hurt, we move on. We evolve. We create new groundwork to replace what you destroyed, and from there, we build… we build… we keep on building. Without you to obliterate that progress, we create a life steeped in beauty while you, your last victim, lay yet another foundation that you will eventually destroy.



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