The Brat in the Hat

I sat with my subby.
We sat there, we two.
And I said, ‘How I wish
we had hawt things to do!’

Too dry for a cock
and too cold to undress.
so we sat by the clock
and did nothing but stress.

Then we saw her step in on the mat!
The brat in the hat!
And she said to us,
‘I know you’re not
in anything lacy.
but we can have
lots of fun that is racy!’

(Continued below) 


‘Why, we can have
an orgy post hoc
With a game that I call
up-up with that cock!’
‘With a vibe and butt plug
And a big anal hook!

Then she lubed up her fist!
she went down with a grin
and my subby and I,
we saw the brat sin!

‘Now look what I‘ll do!’
said the brat to us two.
I’ll put on her gag,
And peg up her vag.

and then she ran out.
and, fast as a fox,
the brat in the hat
came back in with a box.

She took off her top
and her knickers and all.
And that brat cuffed us both
to the dungeon wall!

Then she ran about
with floggers and whips
and a violet wand
and all kinds of fun tricks.

Then I said to the brat,
‘now you do as I say.
you pack up those things
and you take them away!’

‘Have no fear of this mess,’
said the brat in the hat.
‘I always pick up my playthings
and so…
I will show you another
good trick that i know!’

Then our daddy came in
and he said to us two,
‘Did you have any fun?
Tell me. What did you do?’

Subby and I did not know
what to say.
Should we tell him
the things that went on there that day?

Variation of The Cat in the Hat, Dr Seuss


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