How to be a Dominant: a True Sub’s Guide

Contrary to popular belief, being a dominant is not about sitting around getting blowjobs and having coffee served to you all day. The Art of Domliness is rooted in being of service to your sub.

Submissives are defined as people who love having Fendi bought for them and sexy dominants delivered to their doorsteps for fabulously dressed play parties. True doms, it must be said, are monogamous. True subs are not, hence dominants have the time to source their sub’s extra sex partners.

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Most people believe that submissives spend their days fetching mojitos for their dominants, but I have one question for you: Do you want to be an ordinary dominant or an elite, premium, super-qualified one? If your answer is the latter, skill must be gained. There are a wealth of classes for dominants who haven’t yet learned how to iron a sub’s power suit, buy her stilettos that fit, or cook her a five-course tasting menu.

Ambition and domliness can’t be separated. A real dominant doesn’t merely cook her sub dinner. No! She gets a Michelin star. A true dom doesn’t merely buy his sub stiletto boots. No! He gets her Valentino. These are all learned skills, and if you search every corner of the kink community for a few years, you might find the rare sub who’s willing to let you practice on them. Luckily for you, I am willing to make that sacrifice, so trainee dominants can practice their new house chores on me at only a nominal fee, paid through Western Union Nigeria (100% secure, zero fraud offer).

While it’s true that real subs enjoy being served 20 hours a day, they also like their dominants to occasionally top them. This means, besides your housewife-related talents, you must learn some submissive skills like spanking and shibari. After that, complete my course, “Professional Massage for Serving the Undemanding Submissive,” also payable via 100% secure, zero fraud Western Union.

You may have noticed that true doms are filthy rich. How else would they afford their sub’s haute couture? If you haven’t yet developed career ambitions, do so immediately. Choose a career that leaves you enough free hours for baking your sub cupcakes and buying them Gucci boots. Subs thrive on shoes. Don’t forget to also make room for sex, which subs prefer daily or, if you honestly can’t manage that, then three times daily.

I know what you’re thinking: being a dominant is hard work. You’re never going to make it. Slaves understand that their dominants need to put in a few hours of office work a week, so they’re sometimes willing to forego their daily massage to accommodate you. All you need do is ask.

Domliness and tolerance have the same definition for a reason: subs can be hard work, especially when they’re feeling bratty, but the rewards of serving a perfectly glittered cupcake are always worth it.


2 thoughts on “How to be a Dominant: a True Sub’s Guide

  1. Wow. This post really opened my eyes. I am so grateful for this. Oh boy, all those past decades I thought I was a good and correct Dom. How could I have been so mistaken? So many lost years. Now I understand why I could not keep a single sub caged for more than a few days. I loathe myself in front of the bathroom mirror. The unasked dick picks, the forced blow jobs, oh my….
    Holy cow, how could I have overlooked al these simple things that would have made me an UberDom years ago already.
    Thank you so much (sinking on my knees, bowing in front of you and tapping my hands on the floor repeatedly) I promise, cross my heart and hope to die, that I will be the perfect Dom as from 01.01.2017. My sub Princess will at last be freed from disgusting daily chores like sucking my enormous cock (did I finally send you the dick pic you asked for?) serving tea on the most impossible moments of the day, getting spanked, flogged, whipped and fucked a zillion times a day.
    Yes, I can’t thank you enough and after posting this I’ll go to the postoffice as they do Western Union things and after that you can find me in my kitchen where I’ll be backing enough cupcakes to keep you happy for many years.

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