Kink Described in Cyber-Speak

Slacktivism: Reading erotica instead of getting laid.

Download: Face fuck.

Upload:  Swallow.

Cookie: Object that gets brats to put down the glitter and give you a blowjob.

Phishing: Telling your dom you’ll give him a blowjob if he gives you a cookie and then reneging on your part of the deal.

Volatile memory: Blowjob? What blowjob? You gave me that cookie unconditionally.

Captcha: Grabbing the cookie when he says he’s going to eat it himself.

Runtime: What happens after you grab the cookie.

<head> Portion of the cock that is most interesting to play with.

Plug-ins: The sparkly diamante items found in the butts on K&P.

Bandwidth: How much fist can be inserted into a vagina.

Hit: Hit.

(Continued below) 


404 Error: The state of mind of a dom whose brat behaves like a slave all damn day.

Trackback: Telling your dom you totally really honestly did wear the butt plug all day you swear. Not.

Honeypot: The dude wielding the awesome flogger at a party who plays with pretty much anyone all night.

Lag: What brats do when the belt comes out and they’re told to bend over.

JPEG: Joint penis expert group (otherwise known as ‘The Cock Appreciation Society’.)

Trojan Horse: A dudebro masquerading as a dom.

Shareware: The sybian someone brought to the party

Mashup: Gangbang.

Multi User Simulated Environment: Role-playing gangbang.

Gnutella Network: The three people on the planet I’m willing to share my Nutella with without resentment.

Links: Restraints

Permalinks: Chastity belts

Virus: A dom whose sexiness replicates itself without conscious effort.

Open Firmware: The seriously hot cock on display during a public scene.

Memory Leak: What definitely doesn’t happen after I see the seriously hot cock on display in the public scene.

Data Management: Which seriously hot cock? I didn’t even notice.

WYSIWYGs: The exhibitionists who run around nekked at parties.


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