Profile of a Dating Site Sapiosexual


20 M

is looking for: Someone as intellectualism as me

About Me

Ok, well, like my profile says, I’m a sapiosexual. I’ve come to apprehend that I am very dexterous so I am beholding for a girlfriend who has the right IQ for me. I don’t believe in condemning people who can’t spell propyl and stuff, but my intellectualism isn’t compatible with those sorts of people. I have high functioning alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which means my brain is like that dude in Of Mouse and Men.

I’ve found that most Fetlifers don’t like having a bright light shone on their tiny IQs. Even in groups that are made expressly for geniii like me, my intellect has intimididated people. They can’t understand my yuge and gargantuan vocabulary, which has made them think I am pretentious, when in actual fact, they are merely stupid. Second of all, they refuse to accept my syntactical guidance. I have had quite enough of being the most intelligent sapiosexual on Fetlife.

(Continued below) 


My powerful high functioning AWS brain allows me to bend subs to my will using my intellect alone. You could say I am into the mental aspects of D/s, but I protest against group-think, so let us rather say that I am you’re worst dreadful and your best dream; when your under my spell, your powerless.

To aide me on this colossal and precarious quest to find a sub, I have put together a sophisticated tactic to protect me from interludes with the inferior among you. Only message me if you have an IQ of 90 or more. Do not try and artificial me by sending me messages if you dont have a MENSA IQ. I have industrialised this questionnaire. When you propel me a message, please direct it with answers to these interrogations.

IQ Questionnaire to Apply to be You’reSapiosexual’s girlfriend

  • Did Schrodinger’s Cat ever eat his catnip?
  • Have you read Ulysses? What is your opinion about the Irish people?
  • Do you believe in Foucault’s grandfather clock?
  • Do you like listening to Rachmaninoff Symphony Zero?

As for my hobbies, which lesser inferiors want to know, I have voluminous, including reading Ulysses, making up symphony names so that populaces think I know Rachmaninoff, teaching people about correlation and causation, and correcting people’s malapropisms.

If you have read this far, I would like to be grateful to you for taking your application to be my girlfriend earnestly. Because the unbending and relentless symptoms of my alcohol withdrawal syndrome and the genius that springs violently forth from it make the world a desolate place for me, I might take a bit elongated than other guys to get vertebral to you. Never surrender. I will retort in time.


5 thoughts on “Profile of a Dating Site Sapiosexual

  1. Interesting profile but if I understand well an IQ of 90 is not that uncommon and I believe it be even on the low side. Mensa members need to be, if I’m not mistaken at least an IQ of 130+ English is not my native language but I’m also pretty sure it was not well written either.

    Anyway I had a blast reading your post.


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