First Love’s Eulogy


I want to go where I used to find you.

I can recall the heat of the sand and feel the sea race up to kiss my heated skin. I was your mermaid, remember? You called me your salty sea wench and said I was the siren to whom you gave your heart. I braided flowers into my hair, but you wouldn’t let me braid them into yours. You laughed and ducked and dodged, before scooping me up to kiss my freckled nose before you claimed my mouth. And my body. And my heart.

I can’t remember the melody of the song you wrote for me. I try, but it never comes when I’m awake; I never remember it from my dreams. I still have the lyrics, a memory in your handwriting pressed between the pages of the poetry you’d read aloud. I loved that song, and although I wasn’t…

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