They’re, Their, There

Hi. I’m SpanishRed, and I know the difference between “you’re” and “your.” I even know when to stick a comma before “and”. I have no clue if I was meant to put that period inside those quotation marks or outside them, but I have sexy eyes, so I get away with it. I’m as much of a grammar bigot as the next person when I’m checking my own blog posts. I think it’s a matter of respect,


I don’t think your internet comment or private message should be edited using a style manual. Microsoft Word and a little effort should take care of your clarity just fine. If you use “your” for “you’re”, I will want to cut you, but then I’ll remember the starving children in Africa and get over myself.

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You might not know a serial comma if it explained its purpose using interpretive dance, but I think two plus three equals eleventy, so I believe we’re even. I have no excuses for my math skills, but you might have dyslexia or (insert fake diagnosis that causes spelling necrosis). As long as your meaning is clear, I will consider my judgment of your syntax to be my personal weakness, not yours.

Don’t get me wrong. I have to keep my grammar-girl-didacticism in check or I will drown in my own ego. My Zen-worthy acceptance of shitty spelling doesn’t happen naturally. If you’re lazy, I will call you on it, and if you write in text speak, I will feel virtuous and superior for a full five minutes. If you make a mistake (or 12), though, I think I should get beyond it, even though life is hard enough as it stands without your typo making things even more unbearable. I’mma leave that run on sentence as it is on principle. I’mma use “I’mma” for the same reason.

A lot of our intolerance is unwitting abeism, but if you’re running around the internet correcting every spelling error you see, even when its meaning is clear, you’re just being a douche. My kind of douche (I’ll leave that phrase as it stands just to annoy you). But a douche nonetheless (I’mma leave that one all fucked up on purpose, too.)

And when your correction of someone else’s syntax mistakes contains syntax mistakes, well… I’ll call that karma.


3 thoughts on “They’re, Their, There

  1. Omg, I know my syntax is lacking. It’s another reason that I blog because it helps me to improve my writing skills.
    There are times I even catch things even after I post. But to go on others people blog to correct others people blog it rude. I see misspelled words often in blogs but I understood what they meant. Im not trolling people blogs to harass them, I actually love to see others point of view on their topic or story and I respond to that.
    Great post thanks!!


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