PTSD is Not a Victim Mentality

This week, I read quite a lot of intolerance on K&P, and I paraphrase…

There is no such thing as triggers. They’re just a tool for perpetual victims.

Trauma changes three different sections of the brain. Those physical changes make you hyper-react to stimuli that relate back to your trauma. Triggers, like diabetes or epilepsy, have a physical cause. They do exist. You can look at them in scan upon scan.

Trigger warnings are you asking the world to solve your problems for you.

Trigger warnings, like wheelchair ramps, let disabled or ill people move around the world more freely. They are not a cure, only a small kindness. You aren’t required to use them, but if you do, you’re simply providing a kind of wheelchair ramp, which is not the same thing as fixing their PTSD. Traumatised people will recover with therapy, extended periods of calmness, and a sense of control.


Your trauma is your problem, not anyone else’s

Yup. And if I had a broken leg it’d be my problem, not anyone else’s. Even so, the neighbour would probably be kind enough to hold the door open for me. I wouldn’t resent him for not doing so, but it would be kind of him to offer. You can choose to be kind to trauma survivors. You can also choose not to be kind. Just don’t shame survivors for being less able than you are. Odds are excellent they went through hell to get a rapist or abuser imprisoned so that they can’t hurt you, but I guess that’s just because they forgot that laying a charge wasn’t their problem. Hopefully, the next victim doesn’t waste their time prosecuting their attempted murder, and then we can all get back to dealing with our problems.

Trigger warnings are disempowering

Trigger warnings empower trauma survivors to gain a sense of calm and control over their symptoms so they can heal. Lack of trigger warnings disempower them by taking that choice away. Even so, I’ve rarely seen them ask for trigger warnings. I’ve only ever seen them behave like the heroes they are. Someone who has survived violence is already more empowered than you are. They survived a legitimate threat to their lives. Every day when they wake up, they choose, again, to survive, to prosecute their attacks, to keep others safer than they were, and to stay functional despite the horror they face each day. You clearly have no clue how difficult it is to survive an attack like that, or you would know that telling them to empower themselves is like telling The Beatles to maybe write a song one day.

Since we’re on the subject, empower yourself by getting to know the science behind a disorder you’re so ignorant of. Educate yourself.

PTSD can be learned

I’ve seen no lessons on the internet about how to change your brain structure.


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