Unwrapping the tiny details I dig up everywhere is my favourite hobby. I live by details and also by words. And by turning tiny details into words. A creative by day and, if I get my way, by night, during espresso breaks, and instead of lunch. I find the origins of sexuality in the mind. Once that’s set down, the whole body uncoils itself.

All writing is cross-posted from my Fetlife blog.

All images are royalty-free and sourced from PicjumboPixabay, and Gratisography. They are then ruined by me, myself, and I.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I love your words they somehow connect have a resonance deep in my psych. I turn words I find into poems …. Like you I mine deep for little tit bits that connect with my moods and experiences.

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  2. Hi SR, this is Allegory_X from FL. Just got a “page not found” for you there. Whatever the cause for that, I would very much miss your thoughts, your insight, and your passion hitting my feed. I can’t say I always agree 100% with you (e.g. the Oxford comma), but I like to see what you have to say. Given an older comment here that you have previously taken a break, I will go out on a limb that I haven’t been blocked. Are you are ok? I hope you know people care.


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